Here on our Closson Rd farm we have 6 acres of vinefra and hybrid grapes planted on rocky Hillier Clay Loam soil. 

We knew that growing grapes in Hillier, Prince Edward County, Ontario would be a challenging task to  us here due to  our cold winters and late spring frosts.  So we decided that we would be different, because we believe that different is good and people come to our beautiful area to experience something different!

After much research we decided to plant cool climate and cold hardy grape varieties such as Frontenac Noir, Marachel Fosh, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir for our red varietals  and Vidal Blanc and Frontenac Blanc for our white varietals.  These types of grapes would allow us to deal with the temperature swings that cause damage in the coldest part of the winter.  A few of our varieties still need to be buried in the winter to protect the buds from extreme cold. To accomplish this burying we use a plow on our grape hoe to pile dirt over a pre-selected grape cane that is tied to a wire on the ground.  In the spring we then un-bury the cane and tie it to a wire 20” from the ground.  From this the buds burst to life and surrender their bounty of grapes so that we can make our delicious wines. Of course there is lot stuff occurring in the middle of all that which makes us very busy farmers.  

Someone once said “Wine is made in the vineyard not the winery”,  true enough!    A good farmer grows good grapes and that is what you need to make great wines.  Starting with quality fruit is an essential part to making quality wines and making quality wines is our passion.